Model Paint Shaker

Recently i’ve been getting into airbrushing my 3d printed models and shaking the paint bottle gets anoyying after awhile.. so i thought why not make one and save some energy shaking it by hand..

I present to you the model paint shaker.. i made it mobile so we its not stuck on one location and can be moved around the table..

Difficulty Level:

  • 3D printing – Easy
  • Assembly – Easy
  • Wiring – Easy
  • Painting – Dont have too if you dont want too


  • Lithium battery 18650 3.7v x 2
  • Lithium battery 18650 2 cell holder
  • Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator Module
  • BMS Li-ion 2S Protection Board 8.4V
  • DC 8.4V 1A Charger
  • DC female terminal adapter
  • Wires – AWG18
  • Rocker switch 2pins – 15x10mm
  • M3 screw – 16mm
  • M3 brass threaded inserts
  • Soldering iron (to connect the LED & PCB to the wires)
  • Silicone glue & glue gun
  • 12v N20 gear motor – 100RPM
  • Rubberband
  • 4mm brass tube

3D printing files:

Wiring – Motor

Wiring is quite easy.. just follow my diagram on the wiring and you should be good..

Since the paint shaker is mobile.. i added capacity indicator so you’ll know when it rans out of juice..

I glued the BMS board to the side of the battery holder so i can easily wire and solder all the connections

Just a pre-causion dont charge and use the shaker at the same time.. it might damage the batteries and short circuit the BMS

Assembly – motor

  • Connect the geared motor parallel with the capacity indicator module using a terminal block.
  • Im using N20 100RPM geared motor so at 7.6v-8v you’ll get about 60-70RPM out of the motor.
  • Wire the +ve wire to the rocker switch before going into the terminal block
  • Im currently using DC female terminal adapter since my 8v charger uses the same adapter.
  • Install the wheel on the motor.. you’ll need a m3 10mm screw and nut to tighten the wheel to the motor.. the screw should be facing the flat surface on the motor arm
  • Next inserted the brass m3 inserts into the holes on the base and the hands
  • Now install all the hands
  • The model bottle holder needs a rubberband so we can adjust the size of bottle and have a tight hold on it


This was a fast project since i wanted to use it with my airbrushing.. it did make shaking and mixing the paints easier but it is so loud.. and if you dont clamp it down to the table.. it will jump on the table due to the momentum of the shaking..

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