Automata – Star Wars X-wing

Hello everyone,

This is my version of Star Wars Rebel X-Wing that weaves from side to side that was fully created using Tinkercad. I got my inspiration from a youtube video someone made using Legos so i thought i would make a 3D printed version of it.

I made the mechanism using gears to move the aircraft left and right. The whole system is motorized by a N20 DC5v geared motor with a micro USB board to connect the power.

Difficulty Level:

  • 3D printing – Easy
  • Assembly – Easy
  • Wiring – Easy
  • Painting – Easy


  • N20 dc motors – 15-20rpm
  • Electrical Connector Block
  • Lithium battery 18650 3.7v
  • Lithium battery 18650 1 cell holder
  • Micro USB breakout board
  • Wires – AWG24
  • Rocker switch 2pins – 15x10mm
  • M3 screw – 8mm, 12mm, nut
  • Lubricant – grease
  • glue
  • Powebank to power the automata

3D printing files:

Assembly – Base & Electronic

There a total of 23 3d printed parts divided into 2 sections.. the base mechanism and the x-wing..

tip: i recommend to prepare the electronics first before assembly so you dont have to go back and forth.. i used dupont jumpers to seperate the motor from the usb board and rocker switch.

Assembly of the mechanism is quite straight forward but its a bit tricky to fit everything together..

1st step is to screw the 2 front extension with logo to the front base.. it need to be screwed from the inside with m3 20mm screws.. 4 of them

add the small gear and the wires onto your motor before installing it into the base.. the gear should have a tight fit.. if not glue them in.. once done put the motor into the motor holder and screw in place on the base.. you’ll need a m3 8mm screw..

add the large 36 gear in the middle socket and the the linear rail on top of it.. make sure you put the large gear with the notch in the center so its easiler to assemble the other parts..

add the 2 stands and close up the base. you’ll need 2x m3 20mm screw to hold the 2 half base together.

the rocker switch and usb board should be able to fit through from the switch hole and install everything before closing it up.. add some glue to the board once its in place..

close the top and screw using 4x m3 8mm screws

screw the back extension last after everything works.. using 2x m3 20mm screws

Assembly – X-wing

The aircraft assembly is quite straight forward.. the longer pins are for the bottom and to be inserted into the 2 stand parts.. the shorter for the top.. you could also add short 1.75mm filament on the tip of the wings so that the wings stay aligned front and back..

tip: paint the x-wing and base before assembly.. its makes painting a lot easier

make sure the aircraft is facing the right side before closing the 2 halves of the x-wing.. and that is pretty much it..


The whole project took me a month from design to final paint.. it was a lot of fun making it moves and i already have an idea for my next star wars project. maybe something with 4 legs..

Have fun making the x-wing and happy 3D printing

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