3D Print Projects

Here are all the 3d printed projects i have made. This includes 3d stl file links, assembly instructions and affiliate links to purchase the hardware needed to make one of these cool projects

Toys & Figurines

Tools & Mods

  • Floating needle clock
    A few weeks ago i say a youtube video short of a guy making a clock using arduino and gears.. and i thought i want to make one too.. So i remix his original design and make one of my own design using tinkercad.. the clock timing will be controlled …

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  • Model Paint Shaker
    Recently i’ve been getting into airbrushing my 3d printed models and shaking the paint bottle gets anoyying after awhile.. so i thought why not make one and save some energy shaking it by hand.. I present to you the model paint shaker.. i made it mobile so we its not …

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