Gravel Bicycle Card DIY

A few months ago, i sold my Polygon Bend R2 bike due to financial constiction and i wasnt cycling all that much.. Then a few weeks ago i saw the big and small contest page i suddenly for no reason remembered my old bicycle.. As nostalgia memories kick in I began to think what i can make with the bicycle in mind.. and after a few days.. the mini bicycle card came to fruition.. using the same technique i made my mini catapult card i thought i should use it to turn it into a bicycle card..

So the bicycle card should have the same characteristic as my bend R2 since this is a dedication to the good old bike of mine.. although i didnt have time to find a filament that has the same color as my bike..

Difficulty Level:

  • 3D printing – Easy
  • Assembly – Easy
  • Wiring – None
  • Painting – None – unnecessary


  • cutter and superglue

3D printing files:

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