Automata – Dancing Santa Clause

So a few weeks ago i went to an event and saw this mascott performing and dancing on stage.. it was a from a kids cartoon show.. so then when i saw the movement of the mascott.. i thought that looks simple enough to make using a motor and some gears.. and here we are..

so i made an exact replica of the cartoon character.. but since not everyone knows or like the cartoon character.. i thought it was the end of the year.. i should make a christmas themed automata.. and so here we are.. a dancing santa clause automata..

I modelled everything using tinkercad and 3d printed it.. the dancing santa is run by a single N20 40RPM dc motor and powered using a 9v battery.. there are 3 parts movement.. the body.. the hands.. and the head..

Difficulty Level:

  • 3D printing – Easy
  • Assembly – Easy
  • Wiring – Easy
  • Painting – Easy


3D printing files:

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